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Sometimes when I write a chapter I realise I need a very specific pose. In those cases I usually create the pose myself. It seems a waste to create these poses and not share them, so this page is where you can find them. :)

Set 1: Toddler fight

In order to get the book at the right position, you will have to use OMSP set at a height of 14 cm, then use the alt key to get the toddlers in position.

The poses are pose list compatible, but if someone want the file names, here they are:
Toddler leaning forward (Mia) = p_dp_todfight01
Toddler leaning backward (Chantia) = p_dp_todfight02 


Set 2: Child at crib 

Again, the poses are post list compatible. This one is a bit tricky to use though - it has to be used with an empty crib. If you want the baby/toddler inside the crib, you will have to use OMSP.

    Set 3: Toddler on lap

As usual, the poses are post list compatible. :) The poses are designed with a pregnant mother in mind, but as you can see, they work well with a non-pregnant one as well. You may have to use the alt key to get them into the right positions.

Set 4: Dad Hug

Pose list compatible, these poses snap together! Keep in mind, this is a very intimate set of poses, so there is a bit of clipping involved - it's a bit bad at one specific angle. I tried to fix it, but I like the clipping version just way more than all my other attempts, so this is the one I'm sharing. :) 

There are two versions of the adult pose, but it's just the expression that changes - one has open eyes (like the shot I used in Chapter 3.15), and the other has closed eyes. Use whichever version you like best. :)

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