Generation Summaries & Rolls

Generation 1:

Starts at: Chapter 1.1 - A New Beginning

Evelyn Marquel 

Marital Structure: Single
P. Income: Education
Generation Goal: Perfect Children
Miscellaneous Fun: Hidden Heritage

Having had a terrible relationship with her mother, Evelyn fled from the community she grew up in in order to escape a loveless marriage and to fulfil her desire of seeing the world. 

On a vacation to Champs Les Sims she met Gustave Delvin, a local man with a special interest in stories and legends, and eventually started a relationship with him. An unplanned pregnancy complicated Evelyn's life as she was suddenly left to raise a child on her own, the reason being that Gustave could not quit his job and move in with her in Sunset Valley.

Evelyn's life got even more complicated when her teenage sister Ariko arrived pregnant on her doorstep, seeking help.  Understanding her sister's plight, Evelyn agreed to adopt Ariko's unborn child.

When Chantia, Evelyn's own child, became a toddler, Evelyn quickly realised that her child was different from others. Born on Full Moon, Chantia was granted the ability to see and interact with ghosts, causing Evelyn to be terribly confused. Even Mia, the child Evelyn had adopted, was different. From an early age she read advanced scientific textbooks for fun and she constantly experienced with chemicals, hoping to find new inventions. 

Struggling with jealousy and feeling as if she was always second-best, Chantia initially couldn't stand Mia at all, but to Evelyn's relief they reconciled after Chantia protected Mia from some bullies at school. Although they became very close after that event, Chantia still struggled with feelings of inferiority, causing her to look for companionship elsewhere. She found that companionship in the form of five ghosts living in the mysterious house on the hill. Amongst those ghosts, Charlotte Ainsworth was her closest friend.

When Mia expressed no scepticism over the existence of ghosts, Chantia agreed to introduce Mia to Charlotte. Unfortunately, Mia was unable to see or talk to the ghost and promptly decided she wanted to be able to. Subsequently, she created a potion that was capable of enabling people to see ghosts. Filled with curiosity, she cornered Charlotte to ask questions about the afterlife.

Charlotte explained to the two sisters how their entire universe worked, and where ghosts fitted in the greater scheme of things.

The girls learned that:
- their universe is based on balance
- all worlds within the universe are connected to one another, each one of them being a reflection of at least one other world
- on Full Moon, the magic from the magical worlds is so strong that bridges form that allow travel between all worlds
- the World of the Dead is a magical world, causing all ghosts to be magical as well
- when ghosts refuse to move on to the World of the Dead, they will lose parts of themselves and eventually lose all mind and reason, an event that is known as 'falling to Damnation'.

(For a better explanation of this, please read Chapter 1.18 - Answers and Explanations)

After hearing these answers, both Mia and Chantia decided to find ways to help the ghosts - Mia through researching ways to reverse Damnation, and Chantia through preventing Damnation to occur by convincing ghosts to move on.

Generation 2  

Starts at: Chapter 2.1 - Seperation

Chantia & Sam Marquel
Marital Structure: Couple
Children: 3
P. Income: Ghost Hunter
S. Income: Author
Generation Goal: A Party To Remember
Miscellaneous Fun: No Strangers

Chantia went to university with her sister, where she studied Parapsychology with the hope of becoming a Ghost Hunter so that she could help ghosts to move on to the World of the Dead and prevent them from falling into Damnation. After she graduated and found out that the house where her ghostly friends lived in was in danger of being sold, she immediately applied for a loan at the bank, thereby becoming the proud owner of the house and enabling her friends to stay in their home without danger. Throughout the entire process, her boyfriend, Samuel, firmly supported her, believing her stories about the ghosts without fail. 

The same day Chantia bought the house, Sam proposed marriage to her. She didn't hesitate even a second before agreeing to marry him, eager to spend the rest of her life with him. She soon informed Charlotte of the wonderful news, where the ghost expressed the desire to meet with Chantia's new fiancé. Using the potion Mia had developed as a child, Sam soon met with Charlotte, who was left less than impressed after the meeting. She gave Chantia a warning to be careful, stating that she believed Sam to be holding secrets. Chantia's first reaction was to defend her fiancé, but she soon realised that she was mostly ignorant about his past.

Feeling betrayed, she confronted Sam, who admitted that he had some secrets, but that he didn't share it with her because the memories were painful to him. She decided to let the issue go, trusting him to tell her when he was ready. She got married to him not much later, but at her wedding she received a cryptic message from Sam's best friend, Ethan; telling her to keep him out of trouble.

After they returned from honeymoon, the newly-wed couple moved into the house Chantia had bought, sharing it with the ghosts. Soon enough, Chantia became pregnant with their first child. During an outing to the baby store, Sam caught notice of a woman he knew from his past; a woman named Valeri. He begged Chantia to stay clear of her, warning her that Valeri was incredibly dangerous.

Chantia and Sam's first child was soon born; a daughter they named Arienne. Chantia threw a party for the ghosts on Full Moon, where she discovered her friends' reasons for lingering in the world of the living. One of the ghosts, Helen, lingered due to deep grudge and Chantia promised to help her get her revenge, thus enabling the ghost to move on.

During an outing to the park not long after Arienne had aged into a toddler, Chantia encountered Valeri again. The woman threatened Sam and revealed to Chantia that Sam had been a criminal in his past. Deciding she had waited long enough, Chantia demanded answers. Sam admitted to Chantia that yes, he had been a thief, but promised her that he had left any such tendencies behind. He told her about his past with Valeri; revealing to her that Valeri was the reason he had stolen in the first place, by blackmail and threats.

Chantia soon gave birth to another child; a son they called Renard. Mia asked Chantia to help her with her research, asking her to collect spirits and bring them to her. Her hopes was that they would be able to reverse Damnation through experiments.

Not long after their third and youngest child, Lyra, became a toddler, the police contacted Sam, asking for his help to capture a criminal - Valeri. He agreed and they succeeded in arresting and imprisoning Valeri.

With the danger of Valeri out of their lives, Chantia and Sam were able to focus all of their attention on their children. The children all fought like siblings do, but there was no doubt that the entire family was tightly knit.

Of all the children, Renard gave them the most trouble. He enjoyed pranking people, once even turning to bullying tendencies, and he got into trouble a lot due to being irresponsible; most of the time not thinking about the consequences of his actions.

Caught up in worry for Charlotte, who Chantia had realised had started the Fall into Damnation, Mia and Chantia continued their experiments, but after their first (and only) success, they realised they were meddling with things that were better left alone and ceased their experiments. Chantia learned that Charlotte was looking for her brother, Leneo, who had managed to cross worlds during a Full Moon.

Unknown to them, their experiments had set events into motion. Lyra had an ominous dream about future, past, present events that left her unsettled for a long time. Unlike the rest of her family, Lyra detested Full Moon and the ghosts, declaring that they felt unnatural. She soon entered high school, where she increasingly grew despondent by the town and the people around her, constantly feeling like she doesn't belong anywhere.

Things soon became chaotic when Valeri managed to escape from prison and wanting revenge on Sam, had kidnapped Renard. Sam managed to rescue Renard from the demented woman, but in the process both he and Valeri lost their lives. Torn by grief, Arienne blamed Renard for their father's death, declaring that she never wanted to have anything to do with him at all, thereby withdrawing almost all contact with her family. Unable to deal with the guilt, Renard too broke off contact and moved out of the house, leaving Lyra and Chantia to live alone in the house. At that stage, only two of the ghosts still inhabited the house, the rest of them having moved on to the World of the Dead.

Generation 3 

Starts at: Chapter 3.01 - Spitfire


Lyra & Blaise Marquel-Everhart
Marital Structure: Mixed Couple
Children: 2
P. Income: Freelance Photographer
S. Income: Freelance Scientist
Generation Goal: Idle Careers
Miscellaneous Fun: Runs in the Family

After having her entire family torn apart by her father's death, Lyra grew to actively hate the town she had been born in, wishing nothing more than to leave, but feeling obligated to stay for her mother's sake. 

Still struggling through the grief of losing her father, Lyra turned to photography, using the camera her dad had once gifted her with, using the hobby to stay away from the house that no longer felt like home.

She went on a date with high school partner Edwin Fenrir and entered into a stable but unexciting relationship with him that ended in failure when she left him by the alter, feeling like she was going to be chained to a life she didn't want if she got married.

That same night, she caught Charlotte opening a gate to another world, and by accident she travelled through the gate with the ghost. On the other side, on an island called Howell Island, they were attacked and imprisoned by a man belonging to an enigmatic group of supernaturals who was led by none other than Charlotte's long-lost brother, Leneo.

Claiming Lyra was an 'Anomaly', Leneo promptly forbade the Gate from being reopened, stranding Lyra in this new and strange world she found herself in. The next morning, Alison, Leneo's lover and co-leader of the group, explained to Lyra that she was a magical being born in a non-magical world, a being known as an Anomaly. She also learned that she would never be able to go back to Sunset Valley, as her mere presence would cause that world's Balance to fail.

(For a better understanding of the terms used, please refer to the Lore Page.)

She realised she was completely alone and cut off from everything she ever knew. The realisation was only emphasised when she learned Charlotte had moved on to the World of the Dead.

Lyra was offered a place in the home of one of the group's members, a fairy named Sionann Bernier. She learned she was going to share the house with two others as well - Sionann's lover, Adrian Iverson, and Adrian's best friend, Blaise Everhart. To her shock and utter dismay, she learned that Blaise was the same man who had attacked her when she first arrived on the Island.

As she settled into her new life, Lyra learned the people living on the Island was all part of the group who had found her, and that they dedicated their lives to the Keeper, and keeping the Balance. The Island's main purpose was to protect the rest of their world from malicious beings who travelled through the Gates, beings called 'The Wilds' - a purpose they fulfilled by hunting down The Wilds in a dangerous routine called The Hunt.

Sionann suggested Lyra learn self-defense in order to be able to protect herself if necessary, and Blaise, who Lyra absolutely detested, a feeling she knew was reciprocated, agreed to teach her. 

Through their close association from the self-defense sessions, their mutual hatred turned into mutual passion, and Lyra soon realised she was happier on the Island with her new group of friends than she had ever been in Sunset Valley.

But her happiness didn't last. Adrian, who had turned into a dear friend to her, died during The Hunt the same night Sionann gave birth to their only child. Sionann had been weakened by her pregnancy, and when she learned of her husband's death, the strain became to much and she didn't survive the difficult birth of her son, Reagan.

Blaise, who had been named Reagan's godfather, agreed to leave the Island to raise Reagan in safety, and invited Lyra to live with him in a town called Moonlight Falls. At the next Full Moon, she received an opportunity from the Keeper to bring the rest of her family to the new world; an opportunity she grasped with open hands, and her mom and siblings, who had once again made peace with each other, joined her in Moonlight Falls.

Lyra soon grew to love Reagan like her own, but she was still firm in her decision not to have any children herself. But fate had different plans, and she soon became pregnant with her and Blaise's daughter, Mireille.

Mireille was a difficult child to take care of, as she was prone to throwing tantrums, in direct contrast to sweet Reagan who was a shy and soft-hearted person who frequently got bullied at school. Although Lyra and Blaise loved and took care of him like their own, Reagan still felt like he didn't really belong to them, and he harbored a deep wish that Lyra and Blaise were his real parents.

Life became even more difficult for Lyra and Blaise when Mireille became a teen and started acting out against any and all authority. She constantly got into fights and sneaked out of the house, visiting bars and clubs with her cousin and best friend, Lucinda, leading to endless headaches and worries for her concerned parents. Reagan with his virtually perfect behaviour was a ray of sunshine in that difficult time, but it wasn't long before he had to leave the house to attend university, leaving Lyra and Blaise to deal alone with their head-strong daughter.

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