Saturday, 10 November 2012

Chapter 1.1: A New Beginning

Marquel Random Legacy
Generation 1: Chapter 1.1

Evelyn Marquel was born the fifth child out of eight children and the third daughter out of four. She grew up in a small, stagnant community far removed from any of the major towns where nothing new ever happened (except of course the occasional scandalous gossip) and the biggest prospect available to her was to marry her mother’s best friend’s son in an attempt to merge the two families. As a child with an abnormal (in that part of the country) lust for adventure, Evelyn had a hard time growing up in the community and simply couldn’t take that prospect. The moment she became a legal adult, she took the small amount of savings she had managed to gather and fled the small community, changing her name from her birth name of Kyoko Wyvern to Evelyn Marquel.
After many days of travelling, she eventually reached the town that would be her new home; a beautiful seaside town with the name of Sunset Valley.

Evelyn looked at the small cottage that was her new home. It was simply beautiful. After eighteen years of having to share everything with her overbearing siblings, it was difficult to believe that the cottage was all hers.
With a deep breath, she took her first steps into the cottage. There weren’t a lot of decorations, but she didn’t care about that. She was finally free from her family and on her own. The only person she would miss was Takuo, her eldest brother. He was the only one of her family who actually seemed to care about her dreams. If it wasn’t for him, she would never have had been able to leave that miserable little community.
She spent the first half of her first day cooped up in the house, unpacking her meagre belongings and making the house liveable before calling her brother.
The phone rang a couple of times until before someone picked up and answered in a tired voice.


Evelyn smiled, happy to hear her brother’s voice.
“Hey Takuo. It’s me, Kyoko,” Evelyn said. “I promised I would call you when I got settled in.”
Her brother’s voice immediately grew more energetic.
“Kyoko! You’re okay! Where are you? No, don’t tell me that: I can’t tell Mother where you are if I don’t know. Are you at least okay?” Takuo asked with concern in his voice. Evelyn smiled again, touched by his concern.
“I’m perfectly fine. I’ve already settled into my new home,” she reassured him. “I still have to see if I can get a job, but apparently there’re a lot of vacancies, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”
“I’m glad to hear that,” he replied. “Mother is of course furious with you, but she’ll get over it. She’ll just have to.”
“You’re right. I’m sick and tired of letting her choose my life for me,” Evelyn complained.
They talked inconsequential things until Evelyn finally hung up. She had to find a job soon if she wanted to be able to pay the bills.
She went to the local library to get access to a computer where she could search for job vacancies. After some time of searching, she finally found one that looked promising: an opening for a Playground Monitor at the local school. After going for an interview, the school decided to appoint her, telling her that she was expected at work the next day.
She spent the rest of the day preparing for her first day at work, practicing possible speeches. By the time she was more or less content with her progress, it was already starting to get dark outside. She spent the rest of her evening relaxing with a book, happy that she wouldn’t be interrupted and bothered by younger siblings.
The next day dawned bright and clear, reinforcing the beauty of the town. Evelyn nervously went to work, hoping to make a good impression on her new employer.
All in all, she could say the day was a success. The children seemed to love her and nothing serious happened under her watch. The most serious thing that happened was the usual scraping of knees that occurred so much under young children. Her boss was impressed with her, complimenting her on her work ethics.
Very soon, Evelyn’s days settled into a comfortable routine. She went to work from morning to noon and in the afternoon she socialized with some of her neighbours. She got rather close to Teresa Mendal, her neighbour from across the street, becoming best friends in a short amount of time due to their shared interests.
Time passed. Evelyn was much happier in Sunset Valley than she had ever been in the community she grew up in. She was convinced that she was completely content with her life. That is, until she and Teresa talked one day about Teresa’s recent vacation in Champs Les Sims.


  1. Great start to your legacy, I look forward to seeing how Evi gets on in her new home. =D

  2. What an interesting first chapter! Evi is so pretty. Can't wait to see her eventual offspring!