Saturday, 7 February 2015

Legacy Sims - Download Arienne

Now that Arienne is a YA and out of the house, I'm putting her up for download, if anybody wants her :)

Note: All my sims use the same default eyes and skin, which can be found here - [Eyes - Tenti Oculos] [Skin - European Skin Lemonleaf B2.0]

You are welcome to use my sims in any way, be it simple genetic donor or treasonous villain. You are also more than welcome to edit them to your own preferences. I'd like to see what they get up to though, if anyone decide to use them. Just please don't reupload them somewhere else.

Arienne Marquel – Generation 2 Spare 

Traits: Artistic, Excitable, Friendly, Hopeless Romantic, Virtuoso 
 Lifetime Wish: Hit Movie Composer
 Favourites: Beach Party, Dim Sum, Red 

 CC and Expansion Packs used: 

Hair - [Newsea Moonriver]


Everyday – World Adventures
Formal – Nightlife
Exercise – University
Swimwear – Island Paradise
Outerwear – World Adventures

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