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Chapter 3.09 - Passion

*Warning: Contains bad language and reference to adult events* (The content mature content warning still doesn't want to work)

Rain lashed against the windows, and the wind pulled on the doors as it drove the rain in sleety sheets around the house, but inside it was warm and cosy, a pinewood fire crackling merrily in the hearth. Winter had arrived fully on Howell Island, and with it, it brought the most vicious storms Lyra had ever experienced.
Winter on the island was much different than winter on Sunset Valley had been. Back there, winter was all about cold, crisp and clear skies and snow-covered ground. It snowed more than it rained, and most of the time the snow fell during night, leaving them to enjoy their days in the snow and the sun.
Here though, it rained so constantly the snow had difficulty settling on the ground. It was a cold, icy sleet rain that bit into any exposed skin and soaked you down to the bone within seconds of stepping outside. There was no way people on the island would voluntarily spend the day outside, just to enjoy the weather.
It certainly kept the members of the household inside.
Sionann was humming as she flitted around the house, sorting out the items she wanted to take with them when she and Adrian left, Adrian assisting her good-naturedly. They were scheduled to leave the island at the end of the week, a prospect that had Sionann alternating between boundless excitement and tearful shows of affection. She was extremely excited to start their family, but she was clearly saddened that they would be leaving Blaise, Lyra and all their other friends behind. Adrian, and even Blaise, strangely enough, took the fairy’s spontaneous change of moods in stride, allowing her to shower them with kisses (Adrian) or hugs (Blaise, although he was very reluctant and resigned about it) whenever she was in one of her tearful moods.
Lyra herself had been the recipient of way too many teary hugs herself.
At the moment though, Blaise seemed a little less tolerant of her cheerful mood than normal, that ever-present scowl on his face deepening just that tiny little fraction more whenever the fairy hummed too loud or dropped an item or really, doing anything that produced noise. He was deeply immersed (or trying to focus, at least) in some books and documents in front of him, and it was quite clear that Sionann’s current exuberant mood kept breaking his focus.
It was, if Lyra was completely honest, a little amusing to watch. He certainly never tried to keep his temper in check around her.
He shoved the book in front of him away with a scowl, and Lyra couldn’t help but notice the title of the book: ‘Science Vol.2: Quantum Genetics’. She raised her eyebrows incredulously. Science?! Of all the things she’d thought he’d be interested in, science had been the last thing in her mind. Okay, maybe she was just stereotyping a bit, but she’d always considered him to be more brawn than brain. Looking back on it…there really had been no reason to think that. He had definitely never given her reason to think he was stupid.
“I never thought you to be the science type,” she confessed before her brain caught up with her goddamn mouth. Why, why couldn’t she be more aware of her words before she spoke them?
As expected, he looked up at her with a massive scowl marring his face.
“What, think I’m too stupid?” he challenged acerbically, eyes glittering dangerously.
“I never said that,” Lyra snapped defensively. Sure, she might’ve thought it subconsciously, but she had certainly never voiced it.
“Of course you didn’t,” Blaise muttered with that deep, baritone growl of his. With an irritated sigh, he pushed the book further away from him and threw his pen back on the table. “I’m not,” he admitted reluctantly. “Not really.” He gave her a sidelong glance and before she could take that perfect opportunity he presented her with he snapped, “I’m referring to being the science type, you idiot. It’s a passing interest, nothing more.”
 “Right,” Lyra agreed with a brow raised sceptically. She held up the book, clearly showing the title. “Because reading about Quantum Genetics is something everybody does for fun,” she pointed out sarcastically.
“Look, I don’t criticise your hobbies, so don’t go around dissing mine,” he snapped at her. “I have some very personal questions I want to find answers for, and if I have to read about quantum genetics to find those answers, then I will bloody well do so.”
Lyra crossed her arms, a little annoyed.
 “If you’re so passionate about it, then don’t call it a ‘passing interest’,” she pointed out mulishly. “And I wasn’t criticising you. I was just surprised, that’s all.”
“With you, who the fuck knows,” Blaise muttered, and Plumbob, that stung. Something in her eyes must’ve betrayed her feelings, as Blaise sighed and looked away, guiltily breaking eye-contact.
“Sorry,” he apologised reluctantly. “That was uncalled for.”
Just a little, Lyra wanted to agree, but didn’t, because he had a point. She was a naturally offensive person, always fucking up relations by saying the wrong things at the wrong times, and even when she tried not to, the words always just…escaped from her mouth. She was painfully aware of it, and yet it never seemed to help. Still, he didn’t need to be quite so blunt about it.
“No, you’re right,” she agreed numbly and returned to her default response of running away whenever something upset her. Normally she would simply let criticism slide off her back, but for some reason, because it was Blaise saying those words, the critique hurt way more than it should. She hated to admit it, but she’d grown quite close to him during the almost two years she’d been living and training with him. “Sorry for bothering you. I’ll go now.” She was halfway out of her chair when Blaise’s voice stopped her in her tracks.
 Sit,” he ordered, and she was so used to obeying his orders from their daily lessons that she was down in her chair again almost before his words registered. He sighed, and tugged at the dragon-wing hanging from his ear.
“I’m trying to figure out how it’s possible, from a scientific point of view, for Energetic people to become Magical,” Blaise confessed reluctantly. “And I’m doing it not because I’m interested, but because I’m trying to find sense in the nonsense that’s magic. The entire universe is governed by laws, so why would magic be different? That’s what I’m trying to find out.”
It made sense, Lyra supposed. Still…
 “Well, that explains the quantum part,” she agreed, silently accepting the peace-offering in his words with a nod, allowing both of them to move on, “but why genetics?”
Blaise shrugged unconcernedly. “When an Energetic person becomes Magical, does their DNA change?” he asked rhetorically. “Is it a person’s genetics that determines whether they’re born Magical or Energetic, or is it simply the presence of the right Force?”
Interesting questions, Lyra mused. She had certainly never thought about it, but now that she did…
…wouldn’t that question ultimately explain why she had become an Anomaly? If it was simply the presence of Magic or Energy that determined what a person’s nature would be…why had Alison said she and her siblings were affected by the potion their dad drank? Genetics must definitely have played a role.
“And you can find the answers to these questions in that book?” she asked, a little sceptical. Blaise immediately huffed.
 “Or course not,” he scoffed, “but it does give an adequate explanation of the effect outside forces have –“
 “Sionann!” Adrian’s urgent voice suddenly broke the carefree peace of their conversation, causing Blaise to bite off his words mid-sentence. They both shot up from their chairs when they noticed what had caused Adrian’s outburst. Sionann had collapsed, and Adrian held onto her with urgent desperation.
 “What happened?” Lyra asked concernedly, but Adrian didn’t answer her. He simply looked at Blaise with a wordless plea, causing Blaise to nod sharply and whistle, the sound shrill in Lyra’s ears. The dragon napping on the couch immediately responded, chirping and rising into the air before disappearing in the time it took Lyra to blink.
“He’ll find Alison,” Blaise promised Adrian.
Sionann’s eyes fluttered open and she weakly sat up, still held protectively in Adrian’s arms.
 “I’m fine, I’m fine,” she assured them, her voice a mere shade of her normal cheerful tone. “I just got a little dizzy, that’s all.”
“Bullshit,” Blaise retorted bluntly. “You fainted, Sionann. That’s not just ‘a little dizzy’.”
“I’m fine,” Sionann insisted, but a voice behind Lyra disagreed.
 “Why don’t you let me be the judge of that, hmm?” Alison asked, and holy shit, when had she arrived? On her shoulder, Blaise’s dragon gave a cheery little chirp before flying off. Before Sionann could protest, Alison was on her knees beside the fairy, hands glowing with that unnerving energy Lyra had learnt to recognise as magic.
“Thank you for coming, Lady Alison,” Adrian intoned gratefully. Alison hummed in agreement, eyes still focused on the light radiating from her hands.
“You’re all valuable members of our community,” she stated before looking up at Adrian. “I have no reason not to have come.”
 “Yeah, because we all know you have nothing to keep yourself busy with,” Blaise muttered sarcastically, arms crossed across his chest and brow lowered broodingly.
“The fact that it’s my son calling for me might’ve had an influence, yes,” Alison conceded, giving Blaise a stern stare. “I know you don’t think much of me, Blaise, but I am still your mother.”
And wow, Lyra hadn’t known that. Blaise was Alison's son? She didn't look old enough to have any children, let alone any that was Blaise's age.
 “What’s wrong with her?” Blaise asked with a jerk of his chin towards Sionann, abruptly changing the subject.
“Her magic’s depleted, that’s all,” she declared matter-of-factly and turned towards Sionann. “I’m afraid you’re up for some hard times ahead, child. Your baby’s magic isn’t compatible with yours.”
Sionann turned pale and her hand immediately flew towards her barely-there baby bump. On her other hand, Adrian’s grip visibly tightened.
“Its magic isn’t compatible?” she asked worriedly. “Does that mean I’m going to lose my baby?”
 “If you’re careful, abstain from using magic and get lots of rest, there’s no reason your baby won’t be fine,” Alison assured the worried parents-to-be. “Your baby is strong and healthy, Sionann. You’re the one whose health is going to suffer. This baby is going to be a constant drain on your magic, so you're going to need a lot of sleep and as little stress as possible. I would also advise you to stay away from any foreign or strong magic.”
Blaise's brow sank even lower at the words, something Lyra hadn't thought was possible.
"'Strong magic'?" he quoted with a dangerous note in his voice. "Like the Barrier, perhaps? You know they’re leaving on Friday.”
Alison sighed and gracefully stood up, pursing her lips in displeasure.
 “I would very much prefer it if you leave the island,” Alison admitted, agreeing with Blaise, but still addressing Sionann, “but like my son concluded, the magic of the Barrier will not be beneficial for you. I think it’ll be better if you stay here until your child is born. I will not advise you to cross the Barrier at this stage.”
Adrian gently picked Sionann up to help her onto the chair, seeing as Alison was done diagnosing the fairy, and frowned slightly at the warning.
“You really think she’ll be safe enough here?” he asked worriedly.
Alison hummed noncommittally. “Safe enough,” she concurred. “It’s only until the baby is born, and if she stays here in the house until then, she’ll be perfectly safe. If you’re still worried though, I can lay some protective wards around the property to reinforce your own ones.”
Some of the tension in Blaise’s shoulders dissipated at Alison’s offer. Adrian looked down at Sionann, eyebrows lifted in a wordless question. She smiled at him and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.
“Whatever you believe is best, Lady Alison,” she agreed easily.
Alison had definitely not been exaggerating when she’d told Sionann the pregnancy would be difficult. The normally cheerful fairy was completely listless, unable to summon the energy to do even the most basic of tasks. Everybody else took on the different house chores, trying to reduce her burdens as much as possible, but everybody could see she was going through a hard time.
It left a slightly frizzled feel in the house, and between Sionann’s listless helplessness, Adrian’s badly-hidden concern and Blaise’s impatient irritation at the fact he couldn’t do more to help his two closest friends, Lyra really couldn’t wait for the baby to be born and for things to return to if not normal, at least semi-normality.
It all just served to cement Lyra’s absolute determination not to have any children, ever. She would not be able to go through the torment Sionann was going through, but the fairy remained enthusiastically excited over her pregnancy.
Despite all the change, the extra work and the bad weather, Lyra and Blaise’s daily training sessions still continued religiously. Adrian no longer participated in the Hunt, unwilling to cause more stress to Sionann, so Blaise was out of the house more often, filling the gap Adrian’s absence left, but he still took the time to continue Lyra’s lessons. It was a piece of normality Lyra was very grateful about.
Today was a self-defence day, and a spar day on top of that. A shiver of excitement ran down Lyra’s spine at the thought. She had improved with leaps and bounds since she’d first started with her training, but sparring with Blaise was still just as exhilarating as it had been in the beginning. In fact, she might even be willing to admit it was better now that she could semi-keep up with him.
One of these days she’d be able to get a clean hit on him, and the corner of his mouth would lift with that ridiculous self-satisfied smile, and shit, Lyra shouldn’t be so excited by the prospect, but dammit, she was. She’d do anything to see that smile. Then again, he was just as competitive as she was, so maybe that wouldn’t be his reaction, but Plumbob, it would feel so good to get a victory over him.
She really hoped today would be that day.
He regarded her with brooding eyes, a bored slant on his mouth. He still carried that self-conscious confidence in himself, like he knew he had the skills to tackle anything that attempted to take him on. Just once, just once, Lyra would like it if he could take her serious. He always regarded her with that bored attitude, and Lyra seriously just wanted to wipe it off his face.
He rolled his neck and shoulders in his normal pre-spar routine and then he moved. In the beginning, the mere speed with which he moved had been enough to throw Lyra off, but now she could keep up with him without effort.
They exchanged blow for blow, neither managing to break the other’s defence, and they danced around each other at an impasse for the majority of the spar. He baited her with openings she never took, and she challenged him with a lithe gracefulness his sheer bulk simply couldn’t keep up with. It was exhilaration in a way she couldn’t get enough of, and this, this, was what she lived for.
Then, for a fraction of a second she spotted an opening without the tell-tale signs of baiting and she moved before she even finished the thought, overtaken by sheer instinct and muscle memory, and holy shit, she was in his space, forcing him to back away, and this was it, she was going to win –
He flowed around her and in a split second their positions were reversed, and she was once again pinned against the wall in a way that was becoming far too common.
A tense silence fell around them as they glared at each other, their heavy breathing filling the air. Lyra lifted her chin challengingly, daring him to deny her almost-success as she met his eyes without embarrassment.
“Don’t ever get over-confident,” he growled menacingly at her, the sound coupled with his proximity sending sparks down her spine, as normal. She lifted her chin just that fraction more, unwilling to submit, even if he did have a point, biting at her lip and –
His pupils dilated.
-  and suddenly, without warning, he kissed her.
The kiss just as demanding and unrelenting as his personality, and holy freaking hell, it was every bit as good as Lyra had always thought it would be. She closed her eyes and submitted into the kiss, overtaken by the sensation and loving every second about it.
She’d always thought Edwin was a good kisser, but Plumbob, he could never even hope to compare with Blaise. The difference between them was so vast that if Edwin was good, Blaise was a master. Edwin had been a good way to experiment and find out what she liked, but with Blaise she didn’t have to experiment, because somehow, he was managing to push all her buttons without trying.
He growled impatiently, and she could feel the vibration through his lips, and oh. Oh. What had she been thinking about? She couldn’t remember. All thoughts had left her mind at that moment.
He pulled away, and she couldn’t quite suppress a sound of disappointment at the loss. He looked at her with hooded eyes, pupils blown wide and breathing heavily, his breath misting in the cold.
 “You,” he breathed accusingly, his lips pulled into a snarl, “are gonna be my death. Do you have any idea how hard it is to hold myself back when you challenge me like that?”
And wow, freaking hell, what a revelation that was. She had had no idea he was as attracted to her as she was to him.
“Well, then don’t hold back,” she ordered, meeting his eyes challengingly, and with another growl, he lowered his head and unhesitatingly obeyed her command.
And the second time was every bit as good as the first.
Things had changed, absolutely and undeniably, between her and Blaise. That kiss against the wall had changed the dynamic between them irrevocably, and Lyra wasn’t quite sure what she thought about it. Oh, don’t get her wrong, she was absolutely crazy over how forward he suddenly was with her, and she would not deny that both their inhibitions seemed to have disappeared with the wind, and she could not get enough of his kisses, but…
Well. She had no idea how to label this thing that was between them. It wasn’t love, and it wasn’t dating, but…it sure as hell wasn’t ‘friends’ anymore. It wasn’t even ‘friends with benefits’. It was something else, something more, but she couldn’t define it. She wasn’t his girlfriend, and he wasn’t her boyfriend, but…they were undeniably involved with each other. There was passion between them and they kissed each other senseless whenever they found the time and privacy, but…there was no sense of you’re mine.
It was simply kissing and making out, and maybe a little bit of groping. Nothing more, nothing less. She could not figure out what to make of it.
Was that all he wanted from her? Was that all she wanted from him? She didn’t really want to date him, but was sex really all she wanted from him? And yes, despite the fact that it hadn’t happened yet, there was no denying that ‘yet’. Each time they kissed things grew hotter and heavier and only an absolute idiot would deny that one of these days they were going to get into bed with each other, and she also wouldn’t lie to herself by saying she didn’t want it, because she did. She definitely wanted it.
…But was that all she wanted? She didn’t know. Plumbob, he confused her. At least that hadn’t changed.
But right now, at this moment, she didn’t care about any of that. She was firmly living in the now and here, and now and here involved kissing Blaise as much as she could while they had the house sort of to themselves. Sionann was sleeping, tired out by her pregnancy that was well into the second trimester by now, and Adrian was out at the base, waiting for the latest shipment of necessities to arrive. For about one blissful hour it was just her and Blaise, so they were taking full advantage of the time available to them.
Things were just starting to get interesting when the door opened, a sound Lyra was only vaguely aware of, too absorbed in the sensations of the activity she was participating in.
Several moments later Blaise pulled away from her, but his hold on her back was still strong and possessive, a clear sign that he, too, hadn’t had enough.
“Is there something you want, Adrian?” he growled at his best friend, who Lyra belatedly realised, was staring at them with an utterly amused expression on his face. Lyra immediately drew away from Blaise, feeling a little bit like a child who’d been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Plumbob, this was embarrassing. She wasn’t even sure Adrian knew about her and Blaise…yeah. Just a little bit awkward.
 “Oh, by all means, don’t stop on my accord,” Adrian teased good-naturedly. “You two seem quite comfortable. I’ll just head to the kitchen and unpack these groceries, while you two continue to amuse yourself. But really, you might want to consider a bedroom.”
Blaise rolled his eyes and released his hold on Lyra’s back, finally allowing her to flip herself off him. She immediately scrambled to get away, but he moved his hand to her thigh, his grip keeping her firmly in place.
Piss off,” he ordered Adrian with a snarl of his lips, but his body was relaxed, and despite the content, his words held no real bite. Adrian simply chuckled at him, clearly used to Blaise’s mannerisms and moved to the kitchen like he’d promised.
Lyra sighed and flipped her head to rest on the back of the couch. There was no way they’d be able to continue now. Blaise realised it as well, as he growled lightly and gave her thigh a squeeze before he stood up and stalked off towards the kitchen to give Adrian a hand. Adrian simply chuckled when he noticed Blaise, shifting slightly away to provide him access to the groceries.
“Oh, by the way, Lyra, I found something at the base you might like,” Adrian informed Lyra, causing her to look curiously at him. He rummaged in one of the bags in front of him and withdrew something Lyra hadn’t seem in ages.
It was a camera. Sure, it was one of those crappy tourist ones, the kind that had no adjustable settings except flash, but it was still the most magnificent thing she’d seen all day. She hadn’t even realised how much she’d missed her photography until she saw the crappy thing. Sure, it wasn’t her camera, the one that been so valuable to her not only for its capability, but also for its pure sentimental value, but…it was still a camera.
She immediately vaulted out of her seat and walked towards the crappy thing. She picked it up and held it almost reverently. She had her photography back.
Adrian laughed, probably at the expression on her face, and she wasted absolutely no time in pointing the thing at him and taking a shot, and hearing that shutter click was absolutely heavenly.
She knew she was acting uncharacteristically, but she just so damn happy, she didn’t give a damn.
“Welcome home, Adrian,” Sionann said from the corridor, a happy little smile on her face, and everybody turned their attention to her. The nap seemed to have done wonders for her, as she looked relaxed and happy, and there was a little bit of colour back in her cheeks. It made such a beautiful picture that Lyra immediately took a shot of her as well.
Sionann opened her mouth to say something, but her expression turned into one of shocked wonder and she turned her attention to her baby bump.
 “Oh,” she murmured delightedly and looked up at them. “He just kicked.”
Adrian’s expression lit up at that titbit of information and he immediately went over to her, giving her shoulder a chaste kiss and laying his hand on her baby bump.
Click. Lyra took the photo. Those kinds of personal candid shots were her favourite, and even if the camera was a crappy little thing, it still managed to capture the moment without fail.
Blaise lifted an eyebrow at Sionann. “’He’?” he repeated. “You’re having a boy?”
Sionann nodded happily. “Yes,” she confirmed with a content smile. “I know Lady Alison said I should refrain from magic, but the gender determination spell is such a small one and I simply couldn’t resist. It’s a boy.”
“We’ve actually known for a while,” Adrian admitted with a sheepish laugh. He wiped a piece of Sionann’s hair out of her face, an absolutely tender look on his face. “Sionann wanted to start discussing names, and she was adamant to know the gender before we started. She didn’t want to, and I quote, ‘do twice the amount of work when once will do.”
 “So you’ve decided on a name then?” Lyra asked curiously. Sionann’s smile softened, and she wrapped her arm around Adrian.
“Reagan,” she confirmed, “meaning, ‘little king’. He might have been a bit of a surprise, but he’s going to be our little king, so he needs a name to honour that. The whole world will be his kingdom, and we will do absolutely everything we can to ensure he has the most amazing life possible.”
She smiled up at Adrian, her face lit with pure, innocent happiness, and once again, Lyra simply couldn’t resist.
And another moment was immortalised in time.
A/N: I know there’s no such thing as a ‘gender determination’ spell in the game, but there is MasterController…XD I like to know the genders beforehand, so I normally take a peek. That’s not really cheating, is it?
Reagan was actually supposed to be born this chapter, but there are certain other scenes that need to happen first and I’ve already ran out of space in this chapter to include those scenes (damn you Blaise – you weren’t supposed to kiss Lyra yet!), so he’ll be born in the next chapter. He’s already born in-game. :)
Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention. In case it wasn’t obvious, the Secondary Career has been revealed: Freelance Scientist.


  1. YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! hehh hehe heh... great chapter, it hit all the right spots in my brain.

    That was a really clever way to keep the house together, it's great that they don't have to leave the island, I'm really fond of the little place.
    It's always the sim's fault. *sage nod*

    And Nope, no that has not been obvious, but I LOVE IT. Freelance Scientist is AMAZING and I've been having a metric ton of fun playing it.

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    1. :D Glad you liked it!

      Lol. I on the other hand, can't wait for them to leave the island. They will leave eventually. It's not exactly the best place to raise children, and since this is a legacy challenge... :)

      I'm enjoying Freelance Scientist, but coupled with Idle Careers, it's a bit of a pain. To keep it fair, I added Blaise to the household with no skills, and since he can only gain two skill levels a week for his career, there's not much he can do. It does leave both him with a lot of time to pursue his hobbies though. XD

      And nope, no dragon breeding. But yes, new thumbnail means Blaise (at least) is here to stay. ;)

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

    2. Idle with that would SUCK that's right, there's no monetary payoff whatsoever until you're able to clone a plasma bug (or barely ever) and selling bugs until then is a waste of time, you have to skill a lot to get there. Ugh, but the payoff is huge. I hope it all works out here D: But Blaise as an angry expert bug hunter is pretty hilarious in concept.

      Still glad we get Adrian + Sionann (how the heck do you SAY that?) in the house for a while. Adrian is my secret favorite in the house, I love the good-natured & reliable type (if you can't tell by my story heh).

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    3. To top it off, I'm restricting him to only the science and chemistry stations. I am using the witch 'conjure apple-transmute' combo until it results in bugs, followed by popping the bugs in the science station (he's supposed to be looking for differences in magic vs energy, after all). I don't really see that as cheating, as half of the time he loses the bugs and he only has that much magical power, so it's not unlimited. I do use a mod that gives value to the chemistry potions, but ugh. The first week he brought in literally 6 simoleons. And with Lyra, I have to pay to take photos that don't always end up with a higher value. Needless to say, money is pretty tight for them. XD

      Siodrian, perhaps? I like Adrian too, but Blaise is my personal favourite. I just can't get enough of his expressions. I have like a gazillion screenshots sitting in my PC just of him pulling different expressions. He's fun.

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    1. Yeah, *fate* is a horrible thing. XD Forcing her to do all those horrible things. If it's any consolation, she won't be having a bucketload of children. Fate (or my roll :P) isn't that cruel.

      There will be a little bit more on the relationship between Blaise and Alison, but not much - it doesn't play a major role in the story. And since I don't play with the hybrid mods, Sionann's son can most definitely be a non-fairy magical being, in which case it would make sense if his magic isn't compatible to his mother's fairy magic, right? ;) And I don't mind the questions at all. :)

      If not for the Idle Careers, I would've enjoyed F.Scientist a lot more, but since I can't do much with it yet, it's a bit frustrating. I don't like Lyra's career - it's annoying as heck to look in the skill journal the whole time to see what she has to photograph, send her there, wait for stuff to render, let her take the photo, repeat the whole process. I don't have a monster PC, so waiting for the stuff to render takes ages. -_-

      O_o I thought it was pretty obvious they were going to end up together.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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    1. Yeah, Blaise isn't exactly very respectful towards his mother, but that's mainly because he doesn't like her very much. He's definitely not like that with all the women in his life.

      Oh yes, at the moment it's definitely purely a lustful relationship, but that might change. Later. And well, there is birth control, but as Sionann and Adrian demonstrated, there's always a chance for it to fail. XD

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. The fact that Sionann's baby has incompatible magic with hers is interesting--is it like a fetus having positive blood when the mother has negative?

    Freelance scientist seems like a fun roll! I'm hoping I get it eventually. I'm also super duper happy about Blaise and Lyra, even though I still thing Blaise is needlessly grumpy.

    1. That's the idea I was going with, yes. It was also a way of showing the child won't be a fairy - the child's magic will be the same as Adrian's. That's because I don't play with Hybrid, and I needed a reason that would explain why the baby had no fairy characteristics...

      I love Freelance Scientist! It's a really fun career to play. :) Blaise is always grumpy. It's part of who he is. ;) But I agree, he should lighten up a bit! XD

      Thanks for reading!