Thursday, 15 March 2018

Chapter 3.16 Interlude - Prom Night

In Chapter 3.16, the prom:
‘The hall was filled was teens when he arrived at prom.’
Lol. If by filled Reagan meant all thirteen teens currently existing in town. XD Anyway. These teens are the first children born to the town, so I thought people might be interested to see how the town bred. So, here I present you with:
Cletus Kahekili – Son of Colin Kahekili and Shaena Blankenship (one of my own sims). Daniella and Joelle are his sisters, so they share the same parents.
Lilianne Everhart, talking to Alexa Marquel (who I’ve already shown before) – Daughter of Raelene (Blaise’s sister) and Felix Everhart. Now Felix is an interesting one. Genetically, he’s the son of Cyrus Sixkiller and Alexis Love. I’m ignoring that fact for this town, because I just love the way his genetics mix with Raelene’s. You can see the Love genetics in Lillianne’s eyeshape.
Desmond Everhart, being unashamedly inappropriate here with Daniella Kahekili – Lilianne’s younger brother, thus also Raelene and Felix’s child.
Marlin Diffy – Son of CB and Emily Diffy. I made CB a genie and Emily a fairy, which is why Marlin is a genie as well.
Desirae Bee – Daughter of Solaris Bee and Belle Matthews. And yes, Belle married Solaris, so she’s now Belle Bee.
Shalonda Diffy – Marlin’s sister, Shalonda inherited Emily’s fairy status.
Federico Sabo – Son of Raindrop Sabo and Phedra Sixkiller.
Maribel Bernier – Daughter of Meallan Bernier (another one of my own sims) and Melody Matthews.
Monty Sleitinn – Son of Odin Sleitinn and Jaida Blankenship (once again, my own sim. Actually the abovementioned Shaena Blankenship’s sister. You’ll notice he and Joelle has the same colour eyes.)
I’ll probably do another round of these when it’s Mireille’s turn at prom. The families not represented here have children about Mireille’s age, so that way most of the genetic mixes will be showcased. XD


  1. So glad you included this! It's definitely interesting to see these kids grow up. Cletus looks a lot like Colin! And it's so cool to see Emily and CB's kids since they were limited to one in my legacy. Marlin looks just like Emily! And Shalonda looks like an interesting mix of them; I really like her. :)

    1. Cletus does look a lot like Colin! The kids of that family got a pretty good mix, actually. Cletus looks like COlin, Joelle looks like the mom and Daniella is a pretty good mix between them.
      Emily and CB's genetics mix really well, imo. They actually have two more kids as well. I'll try to include them the next time I do an extra like this. ;)

  2. I agree with GodReadingCrafts. It's great to see all the kids in town like this, and how the kids came out, cool to see the mixes of different stories, I think your town is going to be pretty unique in a few generations, none of that 'one hair color on everyone' syndrome that seems to plague most legacy towns.

    Yay the Sparrows made it in! And damn the Kahelkili blood makes good looking sims. Sheesh, like Colin didn't have enough before xD

    1. I always love seeing the genetics in other people's towns, so I thought other might as well. :) I love seeing sims I recognise in the SP stories, and it's always interesting to see how genetics from all the different stories mix. And I'm really hoping most (if not all) the different hair colours survive! It's very easy for a colour to disappear through the generations. :(

      I love the Sparrows <3. Meghan is constantly getting in Nerd contests with Solaris. It's fun to follow. :)