Sunday, 15 April 2018

Legacy Sims - Download Reagan

Never have I cursed the ‘Spare must leave within 24 hours’ rule as much as I have with this guy. Nevertheless, he has officially left the house and now he is officially available to whoever wants him. :)
Unlike Arienne, I actually remembered to add Reagan’s special pattern as well, so he should be dressed up in his fancy purple when added to a different game. :D (Hopefully. I have no idea where that pattern came from, so I just exported it directly from the game. If it doesn’t show up, please let me know!)
Note: All my sims use the same default eyes, which can be found here - [Eyes - Tenti Oculos]

You are welcome to use my sims in any way, be it simple genetic donor or treasonous villain. You are also more than welcome to edit them to your own preferences. I'd like to see what they get up to though, if anyone decide to use them.

Reagan Iverson – Generation 3 Spare

Traits: Brave, Eco-Friendly, Good, Loves the Outdoors, Shy 
 Lifetime Wish: World Renowned Surgeon
 Favourites: Pancakes, Songwriter, Purple 

 CC and Expansion Packs used: 

Hair – [???]
(It’s Ginko’s hair02 H’ghar, buuut…the site doesn’t exist anymore. :( Such a pity.)
(Just run the site through Google Translate. Or click [here] to grabby it, because the download link might be dead)


Everyday - Showtime
Formal – Supernatural (Top), Late Night (Bottoms + Shoes)
Sleepwear - Generations
Exercise - Seasons
Swimwear - Island Paradise
Outerwear – Seasons (Top), Supernatural (Bottoms)

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